Free computer Diagnostic

At Tex24, our technicians are well versed in providing computer diagnostic services that identify the root of the problems you’re experiencing. No appointment needed, just bring your computer in and we will take care of the rest.

Data recovery

No matter what the reason for the loss of data is, being natural disasters equipment failure or even software malfunctions we are prepared to get it back.

Full Diagonostic

We do a full diagnostic on a computer to target the right problem to repair the rood of it and ensure that we offer high-quality repair to all our clients.

Windows Install

Our professional technicians will install the latest Windows operating system that qualifies for your computer, activating and updating for a full performance.

Screen Replacement

Taking your laptop on the go means you might hit some bumps along the way. PC LC D’s regularly incurred in damage, such as cracks, or dead pixels.

System recovery

Computers over time tend to slow down their performance due to daily usage, we bring their speed back with our system repair service.

Virus removal

Malware is a big threat to personal information stored on your computer as well as your online accounts. Talk to us about how we can keep you protected.