iPad/ Tablet dock connector repairs.
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iPad/ Tablet speaker repairs.​
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After a passage of time, you may notice that your iPad is not working properly as it once did. You might have your iPad screen cracked that needs to be replaced. The other type of iPad repairs you may require are battery replacement, removing viruses, wi-fi connectivity issue, malfunction CPU, home and power button repair. All these repairs are offered at an economical price at TEX24. Our team of experienced and professional technicians perform all these iPad repairs professionally. There are also some cases when consumer tries to replace their iPad’s screen or battery by themselves. However, it is highly not recommended because opening the iPad by yourself will invalidate its warranty and you may cause much more damage to it in the meanwhile.  You can avoid both these issues by using our iPad repair services.

Our team of technicians will diagnose your iPad, make the repairs needed and also will provide you with one-year warranty that protects you from taking faulty parts. Therefore, it is important for you to not to take the risk when you can get an instant, reliable and affordable repairing services by professionals from us.